BEA Buccaneers take a loss against Fairmont Cards
September 10, 2017


The Blue Earth Area Volleyball team played a match in Fairmont against the Cardinals that ended in a defeat for the Buccaneers.

The Cardinals won the match, 1-3 but not without a little fight from the Bucs.

The Bucs started out pretty rocky in the first game, giving a lead throughout most of the beginning. The Bucs finished the first match at 11-25.

The Bucs would sneak ahead by a point or two, only to be countered by the Cardinals sneaking in a couple more points to pull further ahead, giving the advantage to Fairmont in the second game at 19-25.

In the third game, the Buccaneers picked things up, finally gaining some momentum to pull ahead for a 25-21 game.

BEA thought they had found the energy they needed but Fairmont gained control of the serve and took the lead on the last set 16-25.

Throughout the match, Sidney Blair had seven kills, 10 digs, and had 12 successful serves out of 18, with one ace, earning five points for the Bucs.

Alissa Norman lent a helping hand throughout the game with 30 set assists and three ace blocks.

Norman's sister, Lindsey, assisted the Bucs with seven kills, 10 digs, and five ace blocks.

She also had 11 successful serves out of 14, along with four aces for the Bucs, earning seven points for her team.

Buccaneer Maddi Oelke had 10 kills in the game, along with eight digs, and four strong ace blocks.

Samantha Naumann also helped the Bucs with eight digs.

The tough defeat against the Fairmont rivals was evident even to head coach Donna Nawrocki.

"We did not play our best games last night, and Fairmont was on their best game," said Nawrocki.

And though the BEA volleyball season may be off to a bit of a rocky start, it is only the beginning for the young Buccaneer team.

The Bucs will be heading to Luverne on Saturday, Sept. 9, to play a 9 a.m. invitational.


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