Commissioners approve separation agreement
September 10, 2017


The Faribault County Commissioners approved a separation agreement with Veterans Services Officer David Hanson during action at their regular meeting last Tuesday morning.

In the agreement, which the Faribault County Register obtained with an official public data request, Hanson agrees to resign his position effective as of Aug. 4. He also agreed to waive his rights to any filing of claims or lawsuits against the county.

The county agreed to pay Hanson $3,116 for 100 hours of accrued comp time, $18,696 for 600 hours of accrued paid time off and an additional $6,000 severance pay for a total of $27,812.

In addition, the county will also pay Hanson's salary from Aug. 1, the date of the resignation, through Sept 23, at an amount of $8,724.80. Health insurance benefits are also included for part of that time period, through Aug. 31. After that, COBRA insurance will be offered to Hanson.

The separation agreement also stated that Hanson's resignation will be designated as "in good standing."

Hanson has not been in the Veterans Services office, located at the Ag Center in Blue Earth, for several months. After a data request for information, the Register learned there had been a complaint filed involving Hanson, and Faribault County Attorney Troy Timmerman confirmed that there was an investigation of the complaint ongoing.

Timmerman declined to confirm if Hanson was on paid or unpaid administrative leave at that time, citing an opinion it was not public information.

Hanson was hired as the Faribault County Veterans Services Officer on March 22, 2010.

"David Hanson had been with the county for 24 years," Timmerman said in a press release last week. "Previously with the Public Works Department until he transferred to the Veterans Services Office in 2010. We thank him for his years of service to the county and to our country."

The press release also said Faribault County will be moving forward with filling this vacancy immediately.


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